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Koikatsu Party
  • Developer: Illusion
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Version: 2019.2.005
User Rating: Rating 4.74

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Logan Young

Koikatsu Party is a party video game developed by Nintendo and released in Japan in January 2018 and in North America and Europe in February 2018. Software features a variety of mini-games and is designed for up to four players in either co-op or competitive modes. Koikatsu Party downloading for free is a party game for one to four users. You can play as one of the main characters or customize your own character. You can play as a girl or a guy. Goal of game is to collect most points. There are three ways to collect points. 1. You can collect points by using skills. Skills are different for each character. 2. You can collect points by getting items. 3. You can collect points by defeating enemies. Objective of soft is to collect as many points as possible.


Graphics in Koikatsu Party free downloading for PC are simplistic and rather basic. They do not feature much detail, color palette is rather limited. Graphics are not bad by any means, but they are not special either. Graphics in Koikatsu Party are simplistic and cartoon-like. All of players, enemies are drawn in a simplistic style with only a few colors. Background and dice look like they are drawn on paper.


Gameplay in Koikatsu Party mobile is quite simple and easy to understand. Product features around twenty mini-games and each one is different from other. Games are very diverse and there is something for everyone to enjoy. From simplest games like shuffleboard and table tennis to competitive games like basketball, soccer, download Koikatsu Party APK is a fun, entertaining game. Gameplay is very easy to follow. Player controls character with arrow keys or WASD keys. You can customize controls. You can use your skills with space bar or Z key. You can use items by using number keys.

Board app where you get to play with your friends. To get to finish line, you need to collect tokens. On your turn, you roll dice, move number of spaces you rolled. You can collect tokens on way or take shortcuts. You can steal tokens from other players. Product ends when one user reaches finish line. Software free Koikatsu Party game PVP where player will be matched up with other small balls. Player must avoid getting pummeled or fall from a height. Player can use a variety of power-ups to attack other players. Player dies if he or she falls from a height or get pummeled. This game is a party soft where user must work with other persons to draw and guess words on cards. Words are all in Japanese, but soft provides an English translation for words. Player is given a set of words and they must draw their interpretation of word with their own artistic style. Other persons must guess what word is and they can guess as many words as they want. Player with most points at end of soft wins. This app is all about party and having a good time. Software features various modes like Party Time mode, in which you can either play in a single user mode or in a multiplayer mode. You can choose when to use tablet or when to use TV in order to play game.


There is both co-op and competitive multiplayer in Koikatsu Party on Android. Co-op is for up to four players and competitive is for two players. Multiplayer is surprisingly well-done and it is very easy to find users online. Multiplayer party game that can be played on a single screen. There are a variety of different characters with different abilities and stats that persons can choose from for best gameplay experience. Multiplayer mode in soft lets up to six peoples enjoy it. Product modes in multiplayer mode are about partying and having a good time too, they can be played in a single users mode or in a multiplayer mode.


There is a lot of replayability in soft. Software features more than twenty different games, each of which has its own set of rules. There is a lot of diversity in game, different apps are designed to be challenging. Replayability of playing Koikatsu Party on Mac is dependent on players and how much they like app. There are many different cards and dice, each soft can be different from last. Replayability of app is very good. Once you start playing game, you will be addicted to it and you will want to play more and more. Gameplay is very entertaining and you will enjoy it.


  • What are different ways to play Koikatsu Party for PC for free?
    Product comes with a set of cards that are meant to be played in different ways. Some cards are for beginners, some are for intermediate players, others are for advanced players.
  • What languages is soft available in?
    Product is available in English, Japanese languages.
  • Product not working
    Try to make sure your computer, soft is not running out of disk space. If game still not working try to re-download main app and try to re-install it.


Overall, Koikatsu Party playing game party that can be played in a single player mode or in a multiplayer mode and it lets up to six people enjoy it. Gameplay is very simple and basic and it is easy to understand when you start playing. This app is all about partying, having a good time and it is highly addictive.


  • Fun and interesting
  • Great family game
  • Has a balance of strategy and chance
  • Great for people of many ages and different levels of skill
  • Very easy to learn
  • Perfect for a light and quick soft night
  • Great for traveling


  • Pieces can sometimes get lost
  • Pieces can be hard to tell apart at first
  • Pieces are not all same size, which can make it difficult to work with

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