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What Is Koikatsu Party and How to Play?

What Is Koikatsu Party and How to Play?

Koikatsu Party is a colorful and cheerful video game for children, which is available for free on Apple App Store. The game has a 4.5 star rating and has been downloaded over 20,000 times, which is a good sign. The graphics in Koikatsu Party are quite good and the colors are bright and happy. The tiles that the player needs to tap are easy to see. Koikatsu Party is an easy game for children to play. The goal of the game is to tap on the tiles on the screen. There are two modes, time attack and survival. The player taps on the tiles on the screen to collect the smiley on the tiles before the time runs out or the tiles fill up the screen.

Koikatsu Party is a local co-op party game for up to four players, in which the objective is to survive as long as possible. You don't have to play in a party mode, but it is recommended for the most enjoyment. The game is a mixture of a 2D pixelated side scrolling shooter with a top-down shooter. The graphics in this game have a very charming style, with cute and sometimes funny characters. The sprites in the game are very detailed, and the backgrounds are a nice touch. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, with a main shooting mechanic and a few combos. The only difficulty in the game is the amount of enemies and the difficulty in maneuvering around the screen with such a small character.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Play Koikatsu Party

  1. Tap the Play button
  2. Tap a card in your hand to place it in the discard pile
  3. Tap a card in the discard pile to pick it up
  4. When your hand is empty, tap the Draw Cards button
  5. Tap the discard pile to clear it
21 Feb 2022